[Sonic] : Sunset at Bridge Of Eldin.

always far

Today, January 20, 2015. I received a bunch of random texts all from new people/friends. And one random message from an old friend that I don't consider one anymore. He mention his mix feelings of the past.

I said nothing. Because the past, although it hurts, I will always look back and smile.
[Sonic] : Sunset at Bridge Of Eldin.

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I started school this week. It is rough. Only two classes but they are Physics and Chemistry. I'm so sleepy......I am almost done with school. Just this last semester and it's over.
[Sonic] : Sunset at Bridge Of Eldin.

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So I feel better and not. There really isn't much to say at my current state of mind. I am just stupid. And really tired. I need some sleep, that's all ever do. Sleep.....
[Sonic] : Sunset at Bridge Of Eldin.

Driving back to WH

I'm kinda glad you didn't leave.
Really? *pauses and wonders why*

Well, if you left it would have felt like it was over. I would probably never see you again.
I thought I would never see you guys again after dropping Cal II.
Yeah. It would have been weird. I don't know. It wouldn't have felt the same.
Yeah, I don't know what you guys would do without me. *says jokingly*
ha. I don't know about all that now.

she doesn't look at me during this conversation.

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[Sonic] : Sunset at Bridge Of Eldin.

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"Give me your hand."                                                                  "Take my hand."

Is there a difference?
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I won a printer at PCC lakeland today! All I had to do is win in Jousting(tilting match). Unfortunately I had to spike Matt in the face for it but it's cool because he'd had hit me earlier.

Good times.